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 Parks and Tree Maintenance Staff Looking for a New Home!

The Public Landscape Division’s Park Maintenance and Urban Forest staff need to move from their current location at Memorial Park in order to make room for a state-of-the-art recreational facility that will commence construction at the beginning of 2021.  The City is looking to engage interested community members to identify potential locations to house this 45-person workforce that maintains and operates Santa Monica’s 28 public parks, including sports fields, playgrounds and water features, and the City's over 34,000 public trees.

As the City’s park system has expanded over the years with Tongva Park, Ishihara Park, and Airport Park, so has the Public Landscape workforce.  Current demands to accommodate both the Parks and Urban Forest maintenance staff at a single location require a minimum of 59,000 square feet of space, which will be used to house workers and offices, store equipment and vehicles, as well as bulk materials such as gravel, decomposed granite and sand that are essential to the maintenance of our park system. As part of this relocation process, the City is also looking at splitting operations between the two units in order to take advantage of potentially smaller site locations.

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Public Process to Identify a New Home

Beginning in February 2020,  an inclusive public process will launch to collaborate with interested residents and members of the business community to identify a temporary (minimum 5-years) or permanent home for this important service division. 

The process will culminate with a recommendation to the City Council to include required site improvements in the City’s FY2020/2021 budget, based on the selected location.  Please join us in rolling up your sleeves and tackling this challenging assignment!

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Help us identify a potential new home for the Parks Maintenance and Urban Forest staff. Use the interactive map to identify sites, leave a comment about a potential location, or “like” a location that someone else has already selected. This information will be used for site analysis as the search continues.

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A public workshop was held on Wednesday, February 19th at Joslyn Park to explore site options for Parks Maintenance and Urban Forest relocation. A summary of the workshop presentations and comments can be downloaded HERE

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Project Information and Materials

Site Analysis and Relocation Committee Materials (updated March 9, 2020)
  • Short List of Selected Site Alternatives - This is a refined list of 9 properties that are recommended for further study and analysis, and comparison against the site located adjacent to Clover Park.  These 9 alternative sites meet the operational criteria and are potentially available as either an interim or permanent home for the Parks Maintenance and Urban Forest Units.  The citizen Relocation Committee is working with staff to assess these sites in greater detail.
  • Full List of Selected Sites for Analysis - These documents demonstrate how the community selected sites generated from public outreach (February 19th workshop, online interactive map, and social media comments) were joined with staff selected sites in the form of a digitized map.  43 locations were identified through this process.  Each location is represented by a unique identification number, which corresponds to the Site Profiles.
    • Site Profiles - Selected Sites - These documents provide parcel level information about each of the 43 selected sites.  This information is joined by a summary real estate evaluation of availability on the private market, the potential for each site to accommodate the necessary operational needs and site demands, as well as potential impacts of this location.
    • Property Availability Reports for Privately-Owned Land - These documents provide detailed commercial real estate information about selected sites that are on private land.  This information is used to assess the availability of land or office space for lease or sale to the City by private property owners.  Note: no reports exist for land that has not changed hands in the past 55 years.
  • Operational Scenario Analysis
Other Project Information
Project Manager
Peter D. James, Chief Operations Officer – Strategic Initiatives                                   


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