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December 2018
Irrigation upgrades at Palisades Park
Vine removal at Reed Park
New trees at Clover Park and Woodlawn Cemetery

November 2018
Playground upgrades at Memorial Park
New benches at Ozone and Euclid Parks

End of Summer 2018
Revamped dinosaur planters on the Promenade
Joslyn Park dog run maintenance
New palm at 4th and Colorado

April 2018
Volleyball court maintenance on SM Beach
Live bee removal from city tree 
New composite benches in Beach Park I

Mulch rings in Ocean View Park
Turf renovation in Douglas Park

Tree pruning along PCH
Trash can refurbishment in Palisades Park 
Annual rose garden pruning

January 2018
Palisades Park upgrades
New playground equipment at Ozone Park
City Hall trees transplanted to the SM beach


November 2017
Beach clean-up after first storm
Planter renovations at Ocean View Park 
Vandalized tree replaced on Esplanade

October 2017
New plants in Douglas Park
Hulu bike rescue at the beach 
COAST 2017

September 2017
Landscape modification at Palisades Park
Renovated play structure at Reed Park 
Palm removal on Montana and 4th St.

August 2017
Refurbished sports field at Los Amigos
Montana Stairs closed for renovations 
New trees planted on Lincoln Boulevard

July 2017
Planter refurbishments at Douglas and Reed
New landscaping on Third Street Promenade 
Beach clean-up after Twilight Concerts

June 2017
New solar trash can on Esplanade
Sand fence removal for summer 
Playground refurbished at Gandara Park

May 2017
Tree work in Tongva Park
New rider toy at Beach Park 1 
Reestablishing turf in Douglas Park
Repairs on Esplanade walkway

April 2017
Modified trash containers for beach
New irrigation in Woodlawn Cemetery 
Douglas Park walking paths restored
Planter beds restored in Palisades Park

March 2017
Paths restored in Palisades Park
Colorado Ave swept for Metro maintenance 
Beach clean-up after winter storms
Santa Monica named a Tree City USA

February 2017
Storm clean-up at Palisades Park and SM Beach
New bike racks at Palisades Park 
Annual tree pollarding at City Hall

January 2017
Main field reconstruction at Clover Park 
New irrigation at Los Amigos Park
New DTSM Ambassador Program





December 2016
Storm clean-up at Santa Monica Beach
Hydraulic fluid spill in DTSM
Holiday trees at City Hall

November 2016
Annual pond cleaning at Douglas Park
Irrigation work at Clover Park and San Vicente median
Graffiti removal at the Third Street Promenade
New sand at the beach following Twilight Concert Series

October 2016
Turf restoration at beach parks
New irrigation controllers at Tongva
Planter bed refurbishment at Douglas
Hydraulic fluid clean-up on the Promenade

September 2016
Clean-up for California Incline reopening
Irrigation line break at 3rd St Promenade
Canary Island Date Palm removals in Douglas Park

August 2016
New Calsense controllers
Shade sail installation in Beach Park 1
Twilight Concert Series clean-up
Ficus transplants in Ishihara and Clover Parks

July 2016
COAST open streets event
New turf at Ocean View Park
Sand dunes at SMB
Graffiti clean-up downtown

June 2016
Sand fence taken down at SM Beach
Promenade staff clean up for Expo and Esplanade openings
Pond and stream cleaned at Douglas Park
Palisades Park renovations

May 2016
Arbor Day event at Crescent Bay Park
Sand cleanup on bike path and Beach Park 1
Sand refreshed at Reed Park playground
Irrigation rerouted at new Breeze Bike Share site

April 2016
Sand clean-up at Crescent Bay Park
New tree planted at Tongva Park
Work completed on Parking Structure 1
Planter restoration in Palisades Park

March 2016
Renovations complete at Clover Park field
Urban forestry program accredited by the SMA
Planter railings replaced at Third Street Promenade
Solar compactor units installed at SM Beach

February 2016
Hydro spill clean-up on 3rd St. Promenade
Irrigation line re-routed at Santa Monica Beach
Palisades Park rose garden pruned
Tipuana trees installed at Pico/16th
Parking booth relocated to Annenberg Community 
Beach House 

January 2016
Upgrades/fixes at Palisades and Ocean View parks
Whale carcass clean-up at Santa Monica Beach
Civic Center Parking Structure clean-up
City Hall Christmas tree


December 2015
Promenade Clean-Up after Wind
New Amenities on Ocean Front Walk
Project at the Colorado Yards
Tree down on PCH

November 2015
Beach Off-Season Sand Fence
Promenade Crews Response to Businesses
El Niño Palm Pruning Preparations
Douglas Park Pond Cleaning

October 2015
*new* Beach Boardwalk
Trees @ Expo Light Rail Project
Clover Park South Field Renovation completed
Ocean Ave + Colorado Ave TLC 

September 2015
Tongva Park Ficus Tree Preservation
Palisades Park Tree Protection Zones
SM Beach bike path swept 
Replacement of Promenade Pavers

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