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Clean Beaches Project for Pier Watershed

Project Information

The project's main goal is to eliminate up to 1.6 million gallon of stormwater and urban runoff discharge, which are generated from the downtown area in the Pier/Downtown watershed. The benefits are: -Improve beach water quality and comply with MS4 permit requirements and State Water Board Enhanced Watershed Management Plan regulations; -Produce up to 560 acre-feet per year (AFY) of new water from treated and recycled runoff and brackish groundwater; -Financial savings to the City as a result of avoided imported water costs; -Improved beach and coastal access to the Pier by providing additional, highly-demanded parking spaces at Deauville site.

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Current Phase


Phase History
Construction2017 Q32018 Q3

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City Council Action History

DateAction TypeOutcome
4/12/2016Award Design ContractApproved.
1/27/2015Adopt Resolution Accepting GrantApproved.
6/27/2017Award Construction ContractApproved.

Additional Information

Time Lapse Video of The Construction Activities Time Lapse Video of The Construction Activities
Groundbreaking Ceremony - Video On Sept. 18, 2017, we held a groundbreaking ceremony at the Santa Monica Pier to celebrate the start of construction for the Clean Beaches Project, which is one of several innovative water conservation projects the City is embarking on.
Protecting Santa Monica Beaches Project Video
Clean Beaches Project is on the News! Santa Monica is doing its part to conserve water with an innovative new project. A groundbreaking ceremony took place there earlier today. The city began work on a 1.6 million gallon underground tank that will collect stormwater and groundwater.
Project Presentation This presentation was provided on July 13, 2017.





Project Contacts

Jason Hoang


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