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Water Resources Protection

Industrial / Commercial Facilities

Los Angeles County Municipal Storm Water Permit - Los Angeles County and 84 municipalities in the County are the permittee and the co-permittees respectively in a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit CAS004001; Order No. 01-182. The City of Santa Monica is required by the permit to implement pollutant reduction and control measures at industrial and commercial facilities. Food establishments are required by the permit to be inspected twice in a five year period for a determination of storm water pollution prevention effectiveness. Pages 27 to 29 of the permit detail the Storm Water Runoff Program requirements.

Los Angeles County Municipal Storm Water Permit 

Storm Water Construction Activities 

Steam Cleaning Companies pdf

Food Establishments : Best Management Practices
Trash receptacles are to be maintained in good condition with bin lids closed. Paved areas are to be cleaned using dry methods.

Good Housekeeping Practices

Best Management Practices for Coffee Shops are applicable and enforceable for all food service establishments.

BMPs for Coffee Shops

Good refuse container management

Refuse containers and surrounding areas are to be maintained in a manner that prevents storm water and urban runoff pollution.

Prohibited wash down of paved surface and floor mats

External paved areas, including dining, storage and refuse areas are to be dry swept. No washing of external areas or equipment is allowed by Santa Monica Municipal Code 5.20.040.

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