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This outfall at 443 Palisades Beach Road is the interceptor for raw sewage flow into the City of Santa Monica.
The line runs under Pacific Coast Highway and originates from Pacific Palisades in the City of Los Angeles. Influent to this location is about three million gallons per day. A similar installation at 3110 Main Street conveys the combined effluent from Pacific Palisades and the City of Santa Monica. This combined effluent is approximately eleven million gallons per day. It is routed back into the City of Los Angeles sewer system and is processed at the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mar Vista. City of Santa Monica Environmental and Public Works Management is responsible for the management and monitoring of sewer flows within the City limits. 

The sewage stream is sampled by an automated sampler that is programmed and maintained by CSM staff. A broad array of pollutants are sampled for. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Priority Pollutant metals (metals p.p. - i.e.; lead), pH - acidity and total suspended solids are pollutants which are screened for with sampling every three months. Annually, pesticides and volatile organic compounds are also screened. A California State Department of Health Services accredited laboratory performs the analyses. Analyses are included in a six month and annual report to the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation.
All wastewater sample analyses indicate the City of Santa Monica is well below the regulated pollutant levels for the pollutants described above.


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