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Water Resources Protection: Commercial Programs

Food Establishments

All restaurants, caterers, school cafeterias, hotels, hospitals and other food preparation establishments must conduct operations in a manner which avoids causing blockages to the City sewer by fats, oils and grease (FOG).  All new and existing facilities are required to use grease recycling/rendering companies for disposal of bulk waste FOG.

In cases where the City determines that FOG discharged by an existing facility without a pretreatment device is adversely affecting the sewage collection system, that facility shall be required to install a Gravity Grease Interceptor, or other pretreatment device approved by the City. Adverse effects to the system include, but are not limited to, sewer overflows, blockages or FOG accumulations at sewer connections, lines, lift stations, mains, or other sewage conveyances. 

Gravity Grease Interceptor Installation Guidance pdf
Request for Gravity Grease Interceptor Variance pdf

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