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Water Resources Protection: Commercial Programs

What Businesses must participate in Santa Monica's Pretreatment Program?

Commercial businesses that produce toxic substances, both organic and inorganic are required to participate.  Organic toxic substances include pesticides, chlorinated solvents; inorganic toxic substances include acids and metals.  Examples of these types of industries are metal finishers, chemical manufacturers, electronic industries, auto repair, auto dealers, auto wash, auto rental, gas stations, hospitals, schools, and photo-finishing shops, clinical laboratories, dentists, doctors, chiropractors, laundries, and drycleaners.

Toxic substances these industries produce are not only difficult to treat but can also be destructive to the sewer system and hazardous to people, equipment, and the environment.  Prohibited substances also include toxic, ignitable, explosive, corrosive, and reactive materials.

Businesses such as hotel, restaurants, food markets, and bakeries are also permitted because they discharge grease in their wastewater that in excessive amounts can cause sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).  The sewage flows from a sewer manhole onto the street and into the storm drain system and can adversely impact beach water quality in Santa Monica Bay.   

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