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Existing Temporary Water Connection

An existing water connection to a property can be used during construction. Throughout the construction period the meter and box shall be free of obstructions and debris or service will be discontinued. To initiate a temporary water connection the following must be completed:
  1. A responsible person or company must sign for the water account. Contact 310-458-8226.
  2. If the existing structure is to be demolished then the water line to the structure must be separated and a construction riser shall be installed.

    • Call the Water Resources Division at 310-458-8531 to have the water shut off if it is currently on. The curb stop in the meter box is to be operated by Water Personnel ONLY!
    • Sever the line on property and make a connection to meter coupling bringing service line through meter box onto property. Riser shall be installed just inside property line free of obstructions with a shut off valve a minimum of 12" above grade level. After the shut off valve, place your temporary water connection. (See Picture Below).
    • Call the Water Resources Division for an inspection of the connection and to have the water turned on.
  3. All piping upstream of shut off valve must be approved water pipe made of ferrous material.
For any further questions please contact the Water Resources Division at 310-458-8531.

 temp water connection

Hydrant Meter Connection

A fire hydrant meter is primarily used to fill an approved water truck for temporary use. To obtain a hydrant meter connection you must fill out an application and pay a fee of $264.99.  A completed application must be turned in at the Business and Revenue Operations Office located at 1685 Main Street CHE, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Once the above requirements are complete a representative will contact you within a few days to schedule a meeting out in the field. If you have more detailed questions please call 310-458-8531 or refer to the Hydrant Meter Connection manual.

Hydrant Meter Program Manual pdf

Application for the Fire Hydrant
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