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Santa Monica recently launched a new user-friendly water monitoring resource for single-family customers – MyWaterReport.  WaterReport is an innovative tool to help your family watch its water use and get personalized recommendations on ways to reduce water consumption. Preserving our limited water supply is critical.   

MyWaterReport Benefits

  • 6 Home Water Reports per year comparing your water use to similar households in your area
  • Simple, custom tips on how to reduce your water use
  • Access to an online tool that tracks your water saving progress
MyWaterReport can be accessed in several formats


Getting Involved

Select single-family residences are already participating. The Home Water Reports compare your water use with similar homes in your neighborhood and assign you a Water Score. To help you lower your Water Score, you will be given a number of simple suggestions on ways to improve your water efficiency. You can then track your progress using the online tracking tool.

Getting Started

If your household is selected, you will receive a welcome letter with a survey to complete. Your survey responses will form your unique household profile needed for MyWaterReports to give you the most effective water saving tips.  

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