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Street Maintenance : Curb & Gutter Machine

2500 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
310-458-4991 (office)
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The city has 651 Alley Segments and approximately 280 of these are badly in need of resurfacing. Street Maintenance is in the first year of a 5-year program to resurface these 280 alleys. To do this we are using an innovative machine called, appropriately, the Curb and Gutter Machine (Sometimes called a "concrete extruder"). In brief, to resurface an alley, it first must be profiled using a "grinder"; (see topic White Top Concrete and Grinder) then the curb and gutter machine "extrudes" semi-dry concrete for the alley gutter; then the "paver" lays down the asphalt for the alley. The Curb and Gutter Machine saves not only the cost of labor, but the cost of material as well. This clever machine does the job without the need of wooden forms being installed, so we save on the cost of wood and save trees at the same time. And there is the incalculable improvement in the quality of resident's life.

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