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Have you ever seen a vehicle with the City of Santa Monica logo around town? Are you curious to discover what these vehicles do? Then you have come to the right place! Come and learn about our city vehicles and the alternative fuels used to power them! 

Our Mission 

The Fleet Management Division of the City of Santa Monica is responsible for ensuring that city vehicles are available, dependable, cost effective, energy efficient, and safe to operate. Our department purchases and maintains almost 70% of all city vehicles excluding Big Blue Bus and Fire Department Vehicles. We also provide scheduled maintenance to reduce overall vehicle operating costs, minimize downtime, and extend useful life. We pride ourselves in our usage of cleaner fuel, alternatively fueled vehicles, and environmentally friendly products.

Fleet is committed to the City of Santa Monica's Sustainable City Goals and is a member of "Clean Cities," a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy which promotes the use of alternative fuel vehicles.  Santa Monica's Fleet Management Division is one of the most innovative and progressive programs in the nation.

Approximately, 60% of the citywide vehicle fleet and over 70% of non-emergency vehicles are fueled alternatively.   

Fleet's Sustainable Programs and Progress

During the 1996/1997 fiscal year, Fleet instituted a Capital Improvement Program to help the city reach their reduced emission goals, Fleet for Vehicle Replacement, the goal of which is to replace outdated, high maintenance equipment with "alternatively fueled" vehicles.

A computerized Vehicle Management reporting system tracks costs and usage by vehicle and city division, allowing Fleet to efficiently manage vehicle maintenance and repair activities.  Additionally, auctions of surplus equipment help achieve maximum returns on assets. 

Fleet Management purchases non-toxic or "least-toxic" products for all vehicles and uses recycled products whenever possible.  For example, propylene-glycol antifreeze is less toxic to the environment than traditional antifreeze and is used in all of our vehicles.  The City uses only water-based part and brake cleaners, recycles waste oil and all used filters, and uses only reconditioned batteries.

We have been able to greatly reduce GHG emissions over the last decade.  


Spotlight on Alternative Fuels:
Clean Natural Gas

 City Fleet

Compressed Natural Gas is a domestically produced, clean burning fuel, whose main constituent is methane, a relatively non-reactive hydrocarbon. The process requires that the gas be separated from free liquids such as crude oil, water, and entrained solids. It is much more complicated than that, but in a nutshell, the dehydrated or "compressed" gas, with further treatment, can be used in vehicles. 

In 1998, Fleet Management installed a CNG fueling facility at the City Yards to provide CNG fuel for City Vehicles. There are two fast-fill and 34 slow-fill stations, which dispense approximately 18,000 equivalent gallons in therms of CNG per month. This onsite facility drastically reduces the cost of refueling CNG Fleet vehicles. 

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Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations 

EV Auto

The City of Santa Monica is committed to encouraging the use of electric vehicles and has established EV charging stations throughout the City! (Note: Regular parking fees may apply.)

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