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What is pervious concrete and why is it important?

Water is a wonderful thing...and pervious concrete helps improve water quality in the Santa Monica Bay. Urban runoff - rainwater that 'runs off' streets and City hardscape instead of being absorbed into the ground - collects an assortment of pollutants, debris and other nasty stuff that is then washed out into the ocean. At the same time, the community loses the opportunity to capture water and replenish underground aquifers. Pervious concrete is an important piece of the City's strategy to increase local water supplies and improve the quality of the Santa Monica Bay.

     Water on pervious

Conventional concrete and asphalt do not absorb water - pervious (or permeable) concrete allows water to percolate into the ground. In this photo - our Crew Leader is pouring a significant amount of water into the pervious concrete alley - notice how it isn't pooling? That is the wonder of pervious concrete. 

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