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Composting is as easy as 1-2-3: 
Separate, Collect, then place in Green Organics Cart. By doing this you help Santa Monica turn food 
scraps into nutrient rich soil called compost. 

  • SEPARATE     
    • While preparing meals or when cleaning the refrigerator, separate any food scraps and always scrape any extra food from your plate into the compost bin.
    • Use a kitchen pail, a reusable plastic tub or any compostable paper container such as take-out boxes or paper bags. 
    • Include food-soiled paper such as coffee cups and filters, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, waxed/parchment paper, and take-out containers. 
    • Freezing food scraps or wrapping them in newspaper can prevent leaks and odors.
    • Empty food scraps, food-soiled paper and plant debris into green organics bin. 
    • By collecting food scraps, we'll reduce waste and create compost for local farms and gardens. 
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What Goes Where?
Backyard Composting
  • Yard Clippings / Compost Collection is done free-of-charge!
  • Curbside Collection Instructions:The container should be placed on the street or in the alley on your scheduled refuse collection day with the lid opening facing the street and the container handles pointing toward your home. Containers should be at least two feet from other collection containers and objects such as vehicles, poles, walls, fences, trees, street signs.


Additional yard waste containers may be obtained from the city at no charge. Do not place extra yard debris in other containers provided for trash and recycling collection. Do not place yard waste or other trash outside of the containers, since all waste materials are collected using automated trucks. The drivers are unable to pick up trash not in the container.
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