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Make Your Event a "Zero-Waste" Event

Large public events are notorious for producing lots of trash. As part of the effort to promote and implement recycling, reuse and composting practices, our office has developed the following guide to help you make your event Zero-Waste.
Zero Waste Event Planning Form pdf symbol
City staff are available to assist you. Please contact the Resource Recovery & Recycling Division at 310.458.

ATTENTION: When planning for your event please contact RRR at least 3 weeks in advance of the event date to allow for adequate preparation.

First you’ll need something to collect all those valuable materials in. For Cart Delivery, contact:
Resource Recovery & Recycling : Patty Manalo at 310.458.8596 to schedule delivery of your zero waste station carts with signs.

Sample Signs:

Sample Signs

For a food container distribution list, please contact the Office of Sustainability and the Environment at 310.458.2213,  or visit

Next you’ll need to be strategic about how to collect disposed materials most efficiently from your participants.
Keep all types of containers clustered together, in the same order and color coded for visual continuity; Ensure signs are attached to each container:
1. “Compostable” to brown or green cart
2. “Recyclable” to blue cart
3. “Landfill” to black cart (if using)


If possible, enlist volunteers to educate participants. Emphasize the “training” aspect of learning by doing – People should do the sorting themselves and the volunteers are there to verbally direct them. Appropriate comments or  questions to ask include:

  • “Do you know where trash that gets buried goes?” (Look this up ahead of time, if you don’t know – Santa Monica sends buried trash to the Puente Hills Landfill)
  • “Do you know where to sort your waste?”
  • “Do you have any questions about this zero waste station?”
  • “Our goal is to keep all waste out of the landfill.”
  • “We will compost or recycle all these products.”
  • “Avoid single use food containers, cups and bags. Use reusable mugs, containers and bags. Keep extras in your car and at work.”


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