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Facilities Services 

Facilities Services ensures that the residents, employees, and businesses of Santa Monica have a safe, clean and healthy environment for living, working, and recreation. Facilities Services responds to over 4,400 work requests annually by conducting building inspections, replacing plumbing in city-owned buildings, maintaining street and park lights and removing graffiti.

Facilities Services maintains city buildings and properties and performs citywide graffiti removal, street light maintenance, radio equipment upkeep and backflow prevention device testing/repairs. We also provide cost estimates for maintenance and construction projects, manage city work by independent contractors, review designs from contractors for new construction, and maintain heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Street Light RepairLighting

The city-owned street and park light system has more than 8000 lights connected by 300 miles of conduit and 800 miles of wire.  Last year, Facilities Services repaired or replaced over 1200 defective lights.  We're also installing metered halogen street and park lights that reduce cost and are more energy efficient.

To report a street or park light that is not working properly - use the GO system or call 310.458.8529.  The average time it takes to trouble shoot, repair and/or replace a defective streetlight is just two days - your street light will be as good as new shortly.


More than Maintenance

RosiesGirls1Through an innovative Trades Intern Program (for ages 18 and up) and Rosie's Girls (offered by Community and Cultural Services for girls in grades 5-8), we open our Carpentry, HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Shops to the community and pass on valuable skills.  For more information on these programs, visit Public Works in the Community.





Graffiti - ugh!

Help us keep Santa Monica graffiti-free by submitting a GO request or calling the Graffiti Hotline at 310.458.2231.

The city has a very effective anti-graffiti team. There were over 25,000 graffiti removals last year - 94% of which were removed proactively.  On a daily basis, city staff patrol areas of the city frequently tagged with graffiti.  Staff uses only environmentally safe products to remove graffiti from buildings, walls, sidewalks, utility poles, benches, and trash bins.

If your personal property has become a target, the city can assist you.  Use the GO System or call the hotline.  Please note that the City staff needs authorization from the property owner to remove graffiti.

 Authorization/Release Form>>>

We recycle all scrap wood so it keeps working for you - and costs less!
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