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Pier Water Quality Improvement

The City conducted a number of bacterial source identification studies with the help of its various consultants and partners.  The results of each of these studies included pigeon feces as one of the potential sources of bacteria.


This project aims to help improve water quality around the Santa Monica Pier by reducing excessive bird populations in the area with the use of:

Pier Water Quality 1
Birds Roosting Below
the Pier Structure

  1. Ultrasonic / sonic devices – have been installed on several pile caps below the pier deck.

  2. Contraceptive feeding – feeding of Ovocontrol takes place regularly at Palisades Park just north of the Pier and on the roof of the Arcadia Building just west of the Carousel Building.

  3. Spike installations – have been completed on the street light standards and traffic lights at Ocean Avenue and Colorado Blvd.

  4. Bird netting – will be attached to the underside of the Pier structure upon permit approval by the California Coastal Commission.
Pier Water Quality 2
Nets to be Installed Under
the Pier Structure

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