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In November 2006, the Clean Beaches and Ocean Parcel Tax, also known as “Measure V”, was passed by over two-thirds of voters in the City of Santa Monica.  Measure V raises property tax revenue to be used solely for the purpose of implementing urban runoff water quality improvements in the City in accordance with the City’s Watershed Management Plan adopted in 2006.  It Is the most equitable source of funding to pay for new urban runoff treatment projects that will prevent our unhealthful water pollution, from reaching Santa Monica beaches and the Santa Monica Bay.
Watershed Management Shadow

Why is Measure “V” needed?

Pollutants are deposited on our beaches and into Santa Monica Bay every year through the City’s storm drain system as urban runoff. These pollutants are a problem during both wet weather (rain events) and dry weather (runoff from over-irrigation, washing of sidewalks, vehicles, and business equipment, and draining of pools) periods.  Also, very strict pollution reduction regulations for storm drains have been enacted by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, the State agency responsible for protecting the beaches and ocean from storm drain pollution. Santa Monica may be in violation of these new regulations and subject to $10,000 per day fines without construction of new projects that will be funded by Measure V to reduce storm drain pollution.

What types of new projects and programs does Measure “V” pay for to keep unhealthful pollution off our beaches and protect the Santa Monica Bay?

Funding from Measure V allows for the construction and installation of needed devices to capture and treat stormwater and dry weather runoff pollution from within Santa Monica’s boundaries; to divert stormwater runoff to open areas and allow it to percolate naturally into the soil; to build cistern systems that will allow waste runoff to be re-used for landscape irrigation and other beneficial purposes; to construct systems to divert polluted dry-weather and some wet weather runoff to the sanitary sewer system where, like wastewater, it will be highly treated; to increase our inspection and enforcement activities to prevent pollution and catch polluters when they break the law; to increase public education and outreach activities that make sure residents and businesses are aware of the problem and what they can do to help solve it; and to increase the cleaning and
maintenance of the storm drain pipes to remove more toxic pollutants and prevent flooding of streets and sidewalks.

How much money will Measure “V” raise and what is my cost?

Measure V raises approximately $2.3 million annually in tax revenues from Santa Monica property owners.

Does Measure V pay for the cleanup of the rest of Los Angeles County’s polluted storm water?

No. The funds are being used to solve our own pollution problems being created within Santa Monica’s boundaries.  Every other city in Los Angeles County is responsible for compliance with the same requirements that face Santa Monica and will have to come up with their own funding measures to do so.
What department manages the implementation of the projects funded through Measure “V”?

The Public Works Department is responsible for the implementation of the Watershed Management Program and the expenditure of Measure V revenues on eligible projects with approval and oversight by the City Manager, City Council and the independent Citizen’s oversight committee.
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