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Street Maintenance : Rubber Sidewalks

The City of Santa Monica has implemented a sidewalk repair program using Rubber Sidewalk as a measure to replace sidewalks that have been altered by tree roots.  

The Street Maintenance Division began installing Rubber Sidewalk in 2000 as an alternative to concrete and since that time has installed approximately 20,000 square feet of rubber sidewalk at 232 sites citywide. The City of Santa Monica was one of the first cities in the nation to install rubber sidewalks. Today, over 100 cities are implementing rubber sidewalk programs. Rubber pavers are made from recycled California tires. In 2008 a “new” version of this sidewalk technology was introduced which recycles both tire rubber and plastic. The first hybrid sidewalk installation was complete in mid-July.

Each square foot of rubber sidewalk diverts one passenger tire from the landfill. The new sidewalks not only use unwanted tires, but they also help to promote the health and stability of urban trees. The rubberized panels stretch to accommodate growing tree roots and can be lifted to allow for tree root trimming. Rubber sidewalks are a cost effective long range sidewalk maintenance solution because the sidewalk modules can easily be removed, replaced and in effect recycled.


What the press are saying: 

NPR "New Rubber Sidewalks Tested in 60 Cities"

USA Today "Tree Roots Can't Ravage this Sidewalk"


 Rubber tile installation

The media crews may have moved on, but we’re still plugging away, working hard to keep Santa Monica’s sidewalks pedestrian and tree friendly!

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