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Wireless Facility Regulations & Fees

Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) Chapter 7.70 regulates personal wireless service facilities in the public right-of-way. Further, the City Council authorized the Public Works Director to publish a Wireless Application Policy and Guidelines (Standards) document to supplement the regulations set forth in SMMC 7.70. These Standards are published on this web page. You are encouraged to check this page regularly for updates.

Provided below are links to other important resources relevant to wireless facility permitting:
  • Santa Monica Map: The City's official mapping platform. Use this website to determine the nearest legal address of a proposed installation. This may differ from the address that appears on adjacent buildings or what is provided in mapping applications like Google Maps.
  • Excavation Work in Public Right-of-Way General Notes (Revised May 25, 2016): Required to appear on the construction documents that propose any type of excavation in the public right-of-way.
  • Streets of Significance: Streets highlighted in blue on this map are classified as "Street of Significance" by the City of Santa Monica. Any work that occurs on a street of significant that extends to the travel lane (vehicle or bike) requires a Temporary Traffic Control Plan.

Permit Fees

The fees set forth in Table 1 below shall apply. Please note that the fees described below are valid for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. Fees assessed after this date will be subject to the fees in effect for the current fiscal year.

Table 1: Wireless Fees Adopted by the City of Santa Monica
Fee Description Amount
Wireless Facility Permit or 6409(a) Permit $1,302.50 per location
Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permit Construction including 0-100 feet of excavation: $1,227.76 per location
Construction including over 100 feet of excavation: Actual Cost, as determined by the Senior Public Works Inspector
Outside Consultant When the services of an outside consultant are deemed necessary in processing a Wireless Facility Permit, 6409(a) Permit, or Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permit, the applicant/permittee shall reimburse to the City the actual consultant cost billed to the City for the services provided.

Click here to read a memo from the Public Works Director regarding application fees for Wireless Facility Permits, 6409(a) Permits, and Wireless Telecommunications Construction Permits.


Attachment Fees to City Infrastructure

Please click here to read a memo from the Public Works Director regarding fees for the attachment of personal wireless service facilities to City-owned infrastructure in the public right-of-way.

Updated August 24, 2021


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