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Letters of Determination

Per Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) sections 7.70.060 and 7.70.070, installation or modification of a Wireless Communications Facility is subject to discretionary approval by the Director of Public Works. Pursuant to SMMC sec 7.70.080, when discretionary approval is required, the Director of Public Works is required to issue a Letter of Determination finding that the following requirements have been met:

  1. The proposed Wireless Communications Facility complies with all applicable laws.
  2. The proposed Wireless Communications Facility will not interfere with the use of the public right-of-way.
  3. The proposed Wireless Communications Facility's impacts have been mitigated through the use of camouflage and concealment elements.
  4. The proposed facility is in compliance with all federal electromagnetic frequency standards.
Letters of Determination are sent via certified mail to all businesses and residents within a 500 ft radius of each proposed Wireless Communications Facility. Copies of these letters are also provided below in PDF format.

Letters of Determination will be added to this web page as they are mailed out. As of November 2017, no Letters of Determination have been issued pursuant to SMMC sec 7.70.080.


Updated November 2017

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