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Plan Check Guidelines & Requirements

The Public Works Department, Engineering and Street Services Division provides plan check services for the following types of private projects projects and developments:

  • Single-family residential
  • Multi-family residential
  • Commercial/industrial
  • Offsite improvements, when required by the City as part of a private project or development

Plan Check Checklists

The following plan check checklists are provided to assist applicants with being successful in the Public Works Engineering plan check process. For every project submitted to the City, the applicant is required to complete the appropriate checklist for their specific project type and upload the completed checklist to the electronic plan review system (ProjectDox). For details on requirements for specific project types, click the links to the checklists below:

Water Meter Sizing Questionnaire

Single family residential projects that add or modify plumbing fixture are required to submit a completed Water Meter Sizing Questionnaire as part of their plan check submittal. The purpose of the questionnaire is to serve as guidance to determine the appropriate water meter service connection for single family residential projects. Your Public Works plan checker will use the data provided on this form to prescribe a minimum water meter service connection in accordance with the 2019 California Plumbing Code. The questionnaire is not substitute for the recommendations of an appropriately licensed professional. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that water meter services are sized appropriately to the development. The City assumes no responsibility or liability for sizing water meter services.


Undergrounding of Overhead Utilities

Utility undergrounding greatly improves the aesthetics of the City of Santa Monica and reduces the severity of community impacts, such as fires, during hazardous weather conditions. The City supports the installation of underground utilities and the relocation of overhead utilities underground. The City’s underground utility requirements are codified at Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) 7.04.820.


Click the links below for more information regarding the City's underground utility requirements.

Tieback License Agreements

Private development projects that propose tieback anchor systems and other foundation supports, such as soldier piles, in the public right-of-way, must enter into a Tieback License Agreement with the City. The tieback agreement must be executed and recorded with the Los Angeles County Recorder prior to issuance of a Building Permit for the subject property. Please allow 2-3 months for this process.


Click the links below to access the Tieback License Agreement application and the City's standard Tieback License Agreement.

Offsite Improvement Plans

Offsite improvement plans must be prepared on City title block and meet all requirements stated in the City's "Offsite Improvement Checklist".


Public Right-of-Way Easement Dedication

Certain development projects may require the dedication of public rights-of-way to fulfill a public need. Dedications are memorialized in an easement agreement between the property owner and City. The agreement is recorded with the Los Angeles County Recorder. For example, a dedication may be required to ensure an ADA compliant sidewalk and adequate space for underground utilities in front of a property. For future information on public right-of-way dedications, please visit the Subdivisions, Easements, and Vacations page on our website.

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