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Water Meter Installation

The first step in the Water Meter Installation Process is to complete a Meter Sizing Questionnaire to determine the appropriate size for your water meter.

Printable Meter Sizing Questionnaire pdf

Purpose of this questionnaire:
Listing the number of fixtures in the building to be served by City water service enables the City to ensure that the appropriate size water meter and service is installed for the property, thereby avoiding insufficient water flow or pressure to the building.

When is it required?
It is necessary to complete this form whenever any of the following apply:
  • Single-Family Residence - construction of a new residence or when adding plumbing fixtures.
  • Multi-Family/Non-Residential - construction of a new building or when adding plumbing fixtures.
    [Note: If the project requires a service line greater than 2", a meter sizing report prepared by a Mechanical Engineer must be submitted.]
Special Instructions:
When completing the blank for the "Lawn Sprinkler Heads" in #2 of the form, indicate the total number of sprinkler heads on the automatic sprinkler station with the most number of heads.  For example, if the most sprinkler heads are on Station #4, count the number of heads on that station, and enter that number in this blank.

This information will determine the flow requirements for the irrigation system as the station with the most number of sprinkler heads will indicate the highest rate of flow in gallons per minute.
The fee is dependent on meter size and will be determined by the Water Resources Division.

View fees for new, enlarged, or relocated water meter installation.
Final Review:
Remember to sign the form; also check the form to be sure that all entries are legible, accurate, and complete.
Where To Submit This Form:
Submit this form by email to your Civil Engineering Plan Checker or in person at the Civil Engineering Counter, Room 113, in Santa Monica City Hall (1685 Main Street).

Contact the Plan Checker or call the Public Works Counter at (310) 458-8737.

View more information about your water meter here.
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