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Use Of Public Property Permit

A street use permit is required for any type of interference or obstruction in or on any public street, alley sidewalk, parkway, or any other public property.  A street use permit is valid for 7 or 30 days.  Renewals, as deemed necessary, are approved for 60 days increments.

The following types of activities require a Use of Public Property Permit:
  1. Storage of materials or equipment or the operation of equipment in conjunction with construction activity, including parking of trucks or equipment, loading and unloading materials, cranes, dumpsters, and any other equipment or related types of construction activity which impose a minor and temporary burden on public property.
  2. Maintenance of construction fence, railing, barricade, canopy, protective walkway, scaffold or other construction or protection erected on public property.
  3. Placement of portable storage containers in the street. A portable storage container may be temporarily placed in the street  for a period of 1-7 days for the purpose of storing items being moved from and to the premise, or to store materials used on any construction site when construction is actively taking place.
Homeowners or building contractors wishing to place a dumpster on the street in the City of Santa Monica should contact a solid waste hauler from the approved list.

View the list of approved solid waste private haulers pdf

No permit is required to place a dumpster or storage container in the driveway of a private property.

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