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Offsite Improvement Permit

An Offsite Improvement Permit is required if you are replacing, installing, or altering a:

  • Driveway
  • Curb, including curb drain
  • Gutter
  • Sidewalk
  • Street
  • Alley

Offsite improvements are may be required in connection with other development or construction activities occurring on the adjacent parcel. For example, a Public Works Inspector may require offsite improvements as a condition of finaling a Building Permit.

Contractor License Requirements

Contractors must possess a valid license issued by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB). Contractors shall possess one of the license classifications below based on the work being performed:

Type of Work CSLB Classication
Sidewalks A, B, C8
Driveways (approach) A, C8
Curb and Gutter A, C8
Street/Alley A, C8, C12

Updated November 20, 2019

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