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Pier Central Restroom Renovation

The Santa Monica Pier is one of Southern California’s premiere attractions, drawing over three million visitors annually.  As the number of visitors has increased over the years, the Pier central restroom facility became inadequate in size, deteriorated beyond practical maintenance, and was in need of replacement.  As a result, the City’s Architecture Services of the Public Works Department led a team of City-hired designers and contractors to replace the facility.

The project included structural upgrades of the Pier and the construction of a new Pier central restroom facility with a curved roof design element that mimics waves or the roller coasters at Pacific Park. There are 32 toilets, 9 urinals, and 18 hand faucets selected for durability and low water usage. Natural light and ventilation is accomplished through the mesh clerestories. The color palette suggests the sky, sea, and sand. Safety was a prime consideration in the layout and design. There is a 190 sq. ft retail space facing the main pedestrian walkway.

Function and practicality were also considered in the design of the new facility.  New sinks are located outside and can be used by both men and women.  The individual restroom stall configuration allows for overflow between men and women users, while maintaining consistent privacy and security.  The 4’ wide plumbing chase allows for maintenance of plumbing lines without having to close the facility.

Furthermore, environmental enhancements were incorporated into the project including applying mesh clerestories to allow for natural light and ventilation, adding low-flow restroom fixtures to reduce water usage, installing durable materials that are corrosion-resistant to the salt air and utilizing recycled materials when possible.



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