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Palisades Park Senior Center Restroom Renovation

The Palisades Park Senior Center Restroom is a public restroom facility that serves those who visit Palisades Park and the surrounding areas.  This public restroom is on the south side of the existing Senior Center Recreation Building located at 1450 Ocean Blvd.  The building was constructed over 50 years ago and had been heavily used by tourists, joggers, park users as well as senior center patrons.  Due to their heavy use over the years, these restrooms deteriorated beyond repair.  The interior finishes were worn, there was insufficient lighting, and sewer lines were blocked and damaged from tree roots.

This project included renovating the restrooms with new interior finishes, replacing the sewer lateral and replacing the lighting.  The new clerestory design provides natural light and ventilation, reducing energy consumption.  Finish materials are easy to maintain and are aesthetically pleasing.  The design includes waterless urinals and water efficient fixtures. The renovation included relocating the entrance doors and reconfiguring the toilet stalls with new raised partitions for better visibility and security, while maintaining an appropriate level of privacy.   A new plumbing chase allows ease of maintenance


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