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Big Blue Bus Transit Store

For several years the Big Blue Bus (BBB) had been seeking a central, more accessible location for its customer service functions. The vacant tenant space on 223 Broadway was deemed to be an excellent location as it has a great deal of foot traffic and is located on the Transit Mall in front of one of the busiest stops in the system.  It is also within a few blocks of the majority of all Big Blue Bus lines in a central area of downtown Santa Monica.  The store has been designed to increase the public’s awareness of public transit, strengthen the BBB brand, its services, and create a new source of revenue.

The Big Blue Bus (BBB) Transit Store was a Federally Funded project that included the design and construction of a customer service center, and a retail store that sells merchandise and provides services related to the Big Blue Bus operation.  The design showcases transit and includes an aesthetically pleasing store front, with photovoltaic solar panels that generates power for signage lighting.  The colors, custom sheet metal shapes, and signage identify the storefront with Big Blue Bus imagery.  Inside there are displays with BBB merchandise and a point of sale and information public counter.  Items sold include Little Blue Cards, EZPasses, tokens, and other merchandise related to the Big Blue Bus. The BBB Transit Store also provides senior and disabled passes, trip information, lost and found, maps, schedules and the primary customer call center.

The design was created to be sustainable, featuring a variety of environmentally sound products and materials, solar panels and extensive use of natural light and ventilation.  Other cities across the country have had great success with similar customer service environments as it draws in customers and potential new riders.  The Transit Store is also a component of the new Community Transit services designed to attract more residents of Santa Monica to public transit.


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