Zoning Districts & Uses

Short Name/Map Symbol Full Name
Single-Unit Residential District
R1 Single-Unit Residential
Multi-Unit Residential Districts
R2 Low Density Residential
R3 Medium Density Residential
R4 High Density Residential
RMH Residential Mobile Home Park
Ocean Park Neighborhood Districts
OP1 Ocean Park Single-Unit Residential
OPD Ocean Park Duplex
OP2 Ocean Park Low Density Residential
OP3 Ocean Park Medium Density Residential
OP4 Ocean Park High Density Residential
Mixed-Use and Commercial Districts
MUBL Mixed-Use Boulevard Low
MUB Mixed-Use Boulevard
GC General Commercial
NC Neighborhood Commercial
Employment Districts
HMU Healthcare Mixed-Use
IC Industrial Conservation
OC Office Campus
Beach and Oceanfront Districts
OF Oceanfront
Public and Semi-Public Districts
CC Civic Center
PL Institutional/Public Lands
OS Parks and Open Space
Bergamot Area Plan Districts  
BTV Bergamot Transit Village
MUC Mixed Use Creative
CAC Conservation-Art Center
CCS Conservation Creative Sector
PPO Pedestrian Priority Overlay
RPO Retail Priority Overlay
Downtown Districts (1988 Zoning Ordinance)
C3 Downtown Commercial
C3-C Downtown Overlay
C4 Highway Commercial
M1 Industrial Conversion
BSC 1 Bayside Commercial 1
BSC 2 Bayside Commercial 2
BSC 3 Bayside Commercial 3
BSC 4 Bayside Commercial 4
RVC Residential-Visitor Commercial
Short Name/Map Symbol Full Name
AC Activity Center
NC Neighborhood Conservation
A Off-Street Parking
B Beach