Application and Selection Process


Chapter 3.21 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code establishes a selection process with objective criteria that requires vetting of the proposed Shared Mobility Services providers to operate within Santa Monica. This process requires applicants to provide information regarding the businesses' financial statements, bank records, management experience, business plan, and criminal background. 


Below is the proposed timeline for the RFA process:

Release of Request for Applications

July 10, 2018

Applicant Conference

July 13, 2018 (9am)

Deadline for Applications

July 27, 2018 (2pm)

Public Posting of Recommendations

August 10, 2018

Public Comment Deadline

August 17, 2018 (2pm)

Final Selection Posted

August 30, 2018

Program Launch Date

September 17, 2018


Selection Outcome

The Director of Planning and Community Development has conducted his de novo review of the applications, public comment, selection committee recommendations and all materials, and made a final selection determination. The Director’s selection shall constitute the final decision of the City and shall not be subject to further administrative review.

Shared Mobility Final Administrative Decision Memo

Shared Mobility Pilot One Sheet

Shared Mobility Pilot FAQ

Shared Mobility Pilot Press Release


Shared Mobility Pilot Program – Applying

The Request for Application (RFA) process to be considered for participation in the Shared Mobility Pilot Program opened July 10, 2018.  The primary objective of the selection process is to identify shared mobility partners to operate in Santa Monica, meet high standards of service and community response, and to provide for an orderly process. If you are interested in being considered for one of the four shared mobility permits that will be issued in Santa Monica, please visit the below PlanetBids website to download the Request for Application Packet and Shared Mobility Operator Administrative Regulations.

PlanetBids: Shared Mobility Request for Application Packet 

Shared Mobility Pilot Administrative Regulations: updated July 10, 2018

Shared Mobility Pilot Administrative Regulations: updated August 1, 2018

Shared Mobility Pilot Administrative Regulations: updated September 25, 2018

Shared Mobility Pilot Administrative Regulations: updated March 5, 2019

Recording of Optional Bidder's Conference

 Applicants were provided with an opportunity to submit questions. Questions and answers were be issued to all applicants. As part of the selection process, an applicant conference was held on July 13, 2018.


Selection Committee Recommendation and Public Comment

The selection committee has reviewed the proposals and made a recommendation to the Director of Planning and Community Development, which is posted below. The City will be accepting public comment on the recommendation until August 17, 2018 at 2 pm. The Director will review all materials, comments, and recommendations de novo, and may request additional information from City Staff, any applicant or any other source that would assist in determining the final qualifications and rankings.  The Director will post a final decision on or after August 30. 


Selection Committee Recommendation 


Applicant Proposals (in alphabetical order)

BIRD Scooter

CLOUD Scooter

DROP  Scooter & Bike

GOIN Software

GOTCHA Scooter


HOPR Scooter


JUMP Scooters

LIME Scooter & Bike


LYFT Scooter


RAZOR Scooter


SCOOT Scooter

SKIP Scooter

SPIN Scooter


All selected partners began operations on September 17, 2018. Unselected applicants, and operators with expired Vendor Permits, would be required to cease operations or be subject to enforcement actions consistent with local rules and regulations.