The City of Santa Monica created a taxicab franchise system to address a series of issues identified in a 2008 study. The franchise system authorizes and licenses the taxicab companies below to operate in Santa Monica and sets operating standards and standard fares.

Santa Monica Taxicab Comment/Complaint Number: (310) 458-CAB4 (2224) or submit questions and concerns using the online GO System.

The City has also established Pedicab regulations which are not related to the Taxicab Franchise. See Pedicab Permit

Authorized Taxi Companies in Santa Monica

As of January 1, 2019, Taxi! Taxi! is the only taxicab company that has a franchise agreement with in the City of Santa Monica. Taxi! Taxi! is the only company that utilize taxicab stands. Any taxicab company that is licensed within the County of Los Angeles may provide taxicab service in Santa Monica only on a pre-arranged basis.

Taxi rates

Mileage Rates

  • $2.85 flag drop (first 1/9th mile)
  • $0.30 for each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per mile)
  • $0.30 for each 37 seconds waiting/delay ($29.19 per hour)

Airport Flat Rates

  • North of I-10 to Los Angeles International Airport $35 maximum
  • South of I-10 to Los Angeles International Airport $30 maximum
  • Santa Monica to Bob Hope Airport $75 maximum

*Taxi companies may provide coupons discounting airport flat rates.

Senior and Disabled Discount

Senior citizens (persons age 65 and older) and persons with disabilities (including persons with a Los Angeles County Transit Operators Association Metro Disabled Identity Card) receive a ten percent (10%) discount.

Credit Cards

Taxicab drivers are required to accept credit cards if the total amount of the fare is $10 or more, unless a lesser amount is required by the taxicab company.

Taxi Operators

Franchised taxicab companies are required to meet financial, technical and service standards for themselves, their vehicles and their drivers as a franchise condition in order to ensure quality services.
Taxicab Franchise Fee Schedule
Taxicab Fines
Taxi Stand Locations


Taxicab Rules and Penalty Schedule

The Planning and Community Development Department has issued new taxicab rules, effective January 1, 2019.

Taxicab Rules

Taxicab Rules Release Notes