Electric and Clean Air Vehicles

EV Charging Stations

A number of EV Charging stations have been installed in Santa Monica. Some of the locations are as follows and regular parking rates may apply:

  • Santa Monica Pier, Upper Parking Lot 
    • 2 inductive
  • Santa Monica Place, Parking Structure (Broadway Entrance) 
    • 1 inductive, 1 conductive. Call (310) 394-5451 for parking structure hours.
  • Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Solar Port, 1855 Main Street 
    • 1 inductive, 1 conductive
  • Santa Monica Airport Administration Building, 3223 Donald Douglas Loop South
    • 2 inductive, 1 conductive
  • 1101 Montana Avenue (curb parking) 
    • 1 inductive, 1 conductive
  • Ralph’s Supermarket, 1644 Cloverfield Avenue 
    • 2 inductive
  • Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, 1700 Ocean Avenue
    • 1 inductive, 1 conductive
  • Virginia Avenue Park, 2200 Virginia Avenue
    • 1 inductive, 1 conductive (north)
    • 1 inductive, 2 conductive (south)

EV and Clear Air Vehicle Parking Exceptions

Properly displayed, current and valid RED, GREEN, and WHITE Clean Air Vehicle decals & ZEV decals allow you to park at any on-street, metered parking space in Santa Monica without charge for the maximum amounts of time allowed by that meter.  In other words, if you're at a 2-hour meter, you can park there for free for 2 hours-but beyond that, you're subject to ticketing for overstaying your welcome. Please always looks for any other restrictions. WHITE and GREEN and RED clean air decals are currently valid through January 1, 2019. In March 2018, the DMV began issuing red decals for qualifying ultra-low emission vehicles. Clean Air Vehicle decals are issued by the State of California DMV.