Employee Transportation Coordinator - Training Certification

Employers with 30 or more employees in Santa Monica are required to have a designated and certified Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC). An ETC is the person responsible for the development, administration, and implementation of the Emission Reduction Plan. Any person at your organization may become a certified ETC by attending a class. Classes are held throughout Los Angeles with various organizations to choose from. Employers with 250 or more employees must be certified by the SCAQMD, while organizations with fewer employees have other options. 

For a full list of upcoming classes, visit www.gosamo.org

Some companies offer training on-demand or may have classes not listed on the GoSaMo calendar. A list of providers is linked below, you may contact them to set up a time that works for your schedule. 


Training Information

  • The class generally takes 1 day to complete. 
  • Only one class must be completed for certification, which does not require renewal each year. 
  • Call the certification providers for cost estimates and enrollment forms.

Certification Providers

 Please contact these companies for enrollment forms, prices, times and locations. 



If you have questions about this process, please email jack.moreau@smgov.net for assistance.