Transportation Demand Management Ordinance 

2017 will be a year of new choices for mobility in Santa Monica—Expo Light Rail to Downtown Santa Monica, Breeze bike share, direct bus routes with real-time information, car share, expanded shared-ride services, and safer walking and biking. The TDM Ordinance is a means of encouraging new modes of transportation in collaboration with local employers. By completing an annual transportation plan, employers help the City to improve infrastructure and provide supportive serviced to residents, employees, and visitors of Santa Monica. The links below will provide you with all the necessary information you need to understand the Santa Monica Municipal Code requirements and complete your transportation plan on time. 


Getting Started 


Worksite Transportation Plan (WTP)

The WTP is completed by employers with 10-29 employees. If you have 30 or more employees, look below for the Emission Reduction Plan. 


Emission Reduction Plan (ERP)

The ERP is completed by employers with 30 or more employees. If you have 10-29 employees, locate the Worksite Transportation Plan. 


Miscellaneous Forms