Transportation Demand Management


Essentials for Employers



The purpose and objective of Transportation Demand Management is to implement the goals and policies of the City’s General Plan by proactively managing congestion, reducing automobile dependence and enhancing transportation choices by requiring trip reduction plans for all types of trips—work, shopping, leisure, school, and appointments.


The S.M.M.C. Chapter 9.53 requires employers to submit detailed reporting on the transportation habits of employees. This information is provided annually to the City of Santa Monica by completing plan forms.

Santa Monica employers are required to submit 1 of 2 different plans:

     1. Employers with 10-29 employees complete the Worksite Transportation Plan
     2. Employers with 30 or more employees complete the Emission Reduction Plan

Each worksite is assigned a Due Date by which they must deliver the completed plan forms. Failure to fulfill these requirements may lead to business license suspension, violation fines, and/or the imposition of administrative remedies. 

If at any time you have questions, please contact City Staff.


Worksite Transportation Plan

Due to impacts from COVID-19, the Worksite Transportation Plan requirement has been suspended for all employers. Therefore, employers with 29 or fewer employees will not be required to submit their WTP while the program is suspended. Please disregard any notification you received in the mail, they were sent before program changes were adopted. This information will be updated as it becomes available. 


This plan has 5 key elements:

     - Estimate how many people drive, walk, bike, ride transit, and carpool to work.

     - Describe the amenities available for employees who choose not to drive.

     - Distribute education materials about transportation services to employees.

     - Incentivize customers and visitors to walk, bike, ride transit, and carpool. 

     - Pay the Annual Transportation Fee



Emission Reduction Plan

This plan has 4 key elements:

    - Attend a class to become certified as an Employee Transportation Coordinator.

    - Survey your employees about how they commute.

    - Identify and carry out strategies to increase biking, walking, riding transit, and carpooling to your worksite.

    - Pay the Annual Transportation Fee.

The plan can only be completed by a certified Employee Transportation Coordinator. Contact an approved trainer for registration details.

Discounts in the Annual Transportation Fee are given to employers who successfully reduce the number of people driving alone and meet the target vehicle reduction as assigned by the City.

This plan is designed to help assess the commuting habits of your employees and identify strategies to meet your vehicle reduction target. It also helps the City provide excellent transportation services that reflect the needs and desires of residents and employees. 

Download the plan forms here