Car Share


Mayor Tony Vasquez and Mayor Pro Tempore Ted Wintere with Santa Monica's newest ride. 


The City of Santa Monica and Zipcar have launched a partnership to expand car sharing in Santa Monica. Car share provides users with access to a vehicle for times when they need it, available by the hour and by the day. Car share is an indispensable ingredient in the recipe to create a new model for mobility in Santa Monica. The formal launch of the city-led pilot car share program brings an additional 20 Zipcars to Santa Monica, for a total 35 cars in the city, with more on the way. New vehicles will be visibly located in public areas. The hourly rate includes the cost of gas and insurance, which can save you money compared to the annual costs of owning another vehicle. A bonus of the partnership is that Zipcar memberships are valid in hundreds of other cities—and at 50 airports—across the world.

The City of Santa Monica is strongly committed to growing the number of mobility and transportation choices available to residents, visitors and employees. Car share has successfully improved livability and mobility standards in cities across the world. Santa Monica is proud to lead the way for neighboring cities and states to provide similar services for their residents as a means to improve health and happiness for everyone. For more information on Zipcar services, please go to