2121 Santa Monica Blvd / Providence SJHC Phase Two Project Master Plan
PSJHC Phase Two on North and South Campuses

Filed: 2/5/2015

Project Updates:


August 12, 2109: 

A discussion will be held by the Social Services Commission on August 26, 2019 to gather feedback on potential priority community benefits to be considered for the Phase II Master Plan Project and Development Agreement Amendment process: https://www.smgov.net/departments/ccs/agendas/Social-Services-Commission/2019/20190826/a20190826.pdf






July 30, 2019 Update: 

Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Phase II Master Plan Project was released on July 30, 2019 for a 45-day review period that closes on September 13, 2019. For more information about the Draft EIR, please click on this link: https://www.smgov.net/Departments/PCD/Environmental-Reports/Providence-Saint-Johns-Health-Center-Phase-II-Master-Plan-EIR/




Application for the Providence Saint John's Health Center South Campus Master Plan associated with Phase II development authorized by the original Development Agreement approved in June 1998 between Saint John's Health Center and the City of Santa Monica. 


The Phase II South Campus Master Plan would provide the parameters for development of hospital and health care facilities, medical research facilities, replacement of the child care center currently located on the north campus, an education and conference center, visitor housing, health-related and neighborhood commercial/restaurant services, and replacement of 10 multi-family units currently located on the south campus, and new parking for these uses.  


The application also provides information about three Phase II development sites located on the north campus that are not a part of the master plan application but are a part of the overall Phase II project authorized by the original Development Agreement. The Development Agreement permits a total of up to 799,000 SF of floor area as part of Phase II development on the north and south campuses. All proposed Phase II buildings on the north and south campuses will require City review and approval of Development Review (DR) Permit applications.


The DR Permits for individual buildings that are part of the Phase II development on the north and south campuses include the following:


15ENT-0203: 2207 Broadway 

15ENT-0204: 1440 21st Street

15ENT-0205: 2032 Santa Monica Blvd

15ENT-0206: 2200 Santa Monica Blvd

15ENT-207: 1339 20th Street

15ENT-208: 2221 Santa Monica Blvd

15ENT-0209: 2201 Broadway

15ENT-0210: 2121 Santa Monica Blvd


There are also two additional applications that have been submitted in conjunction with Phase II project: 


15ENT-0211: Reduced Parking Permit application to allow the applicant to provide a Parking Demand Study to the City for review as part of its determination of the required number of parking spaces necessary to meet the peak parking demand generated by the Phase II project. The current Phase II project includes approximately 2,880 on-site parking spaces on the north and south campuses when the project is completed.  


15ENT-0212: Development Agreement Amendment application seeking to amend the original Development Agreement to authorize the Planning Commission (or City Council on appeal) to provide an extended time to obtain building permits for each of the eight proposed buildings that comprise the Phase II project.  The proposed time frames to obtain building permits for each of the eight buildings range from 21 months to 233 months following approval of the associated South Campus Master Plan and DR Permits.  










Community Meetings

Thu Jul 30, 2015, 6:30 PM

Santa Monica Main Library - Multi-Purpose Room - 601 Santa Monica Blvd

Public Hearings

Tue Mar 28, 2017

City Council - First Reading

Wed Feb 15, 2017

Planning Commission - Formal Review

Tue Dec 06, 2016

City Council - Float-Up

Wed Apr 27, 2016

Planning Commission - Float-Up

Status Updates

Mon Apr 24, 2017

EIR Scoping Meeting

Mon Apr 24, 2017

Comments/recommendations for issues areas to be studied in the Phase Two Project EIR due to staff. Please see Environmental Review Project Page for more information.

Tue Mar 28, 2017

Council Action: Process amendment to require preparation of a Phase Two Project Master Plan for comprehensive review of north and south campus development as project moves forward. Extension of time to build out Phase Two Project over ~20 year period considered. This will be addressed in forthcoming project review and preparation of the Master Plan.

Wed Feb 15, 2017

Planning Commission meeting is a recommendation on the procedural amendment - not on the Phase Two Project Master Plan. The Phase Two Project Master Plan, Phasing Plan, and forthcoming substantive Development Agreement Amendment that would be necessary to establish community benefits and a revised vesting deadline for the Phase Two Project will be scheduled for public hearings at Planning Commission and City Council in 2018-2019 after environmental review and project negotiations are completed for the Phase Two Project.

Tue Dec 06, 2016

On December 6, 2016, the Council held a float-up discussion for Providence’s proposed amendment request and staff’s alternative regulatory framework for the Phase Two Project. Following extensive discussion, Council authorized staff to initiate negotiations in conjunction with Providence’s request for an extension of time to complete the Phase Two Project, subject to Council’s community benefit recommendations, and the staff-recommended Development Agreement amendments to establish Council approval of a Phase Two Project Master Plan and a comprehensive Phase Two Project Phasing Plan: Phase Two Project Master Plan Currently, the Development Agreement specifies that the Planning Commission takes action on a South Campus Master Plan – for South Campus development sites only – with Council review only on an appeal of the Commission’s action. Council agreed a staff-initiated procedural amendment that would establish Council’s authority to review and take action on a comprehensive Phase Two Project Master Plan is warranted not only because of the large scope of development contemplated, but also because of the traffic circulation changes and integration of the North and South Campuses contemplated by the Phase Two Project as a whole. This change would comport with the quasi-legislative character of the a master plan and would require that all Phase Two development, on both the north and south campuses, be consistent with the Phase Two Project Master Plan. Comprehensive Phasing Plan Council authorized staff to initiate negotiations in response to Providence’s request for an extension of time to build out the Phase Two Project with direction to establish a Phase Two Project Phasing Plan to provide a framework for comprehensive and integrated review, and orderly build-out, of the project beyond the timeframes currently authorized by the Development Agreement. With this approach, the Applicant would not be required to obtain Development Review Permit approval of all proposed development within the timeframe currently necessitated by the existing vesting deadlines in the Development Agreement. Council agreed that this staff-recommended requirement would be provided as a component of the forthcoming Phase Two Master Plan and provide a timeline and framework for phased review of each Phase Two building and a schedule of performance for associated infrastructure, community benefits, and site features over the approximately 23-year buildout period.

Wed Apr 27, 2016

Preliminary discussion of a proposed Development Agreement Amendment request from Providence Health & Services to amend the 1998 Saint John’s Health Center Development Agreement to allow an extension of time to complete phased construction of Phase Two development for the Health Center as authorized by the original Development Agreement. The Applicant has requested to amend the Development Agreement to provide extended expiration dates for one or more of the eight Development Review Permits for Phase Two buildings. The proposed expiration date for each building would range between 21 and 233 months based on the five phases of development proposed for the Phase Two project. The Planning Commission will also have a preliminary discussion on the concept plans for the Phase Two project to be developed pursuant to the 1998 Development Agreement between the City of Santa Monica and Saint John’s Health Center. Phase Two includes vested rights to floor area of up to 799,000 SF and the following vested uses located in a total of eight buildings (three on North Campus and five on the South Campus Master Plan area): Hospital/Health Care, Medical Research Facilities (including a new facility for the John Wayne Cancer Institute), Child & Family Development Center, Day Care, Health & Wellness Center uses, Education & Conference Center, Visitor Housing, 10-units of replacement Multi-Family Housing, as well as ground floor space for Health-Related Services, Neighborhood Commercial Uses and Restaurants. The applicant is proposing approximately 2,880 new on-site parking spaces in subterranean garages and in one above-grade/subterranean garage. During this preliminary review and discussion, the Planning Commission will be asked to provide preliminary feedback regarding the Applicant’s proposed Phase Two project, its proposed South Campus Master Plan that addresses Phase Two development, circulation, open space, and parking on the South Campus, and potential community benefits for consideration with the Development Agreement Amendment request.

Fri Jun 05, 2015

All applications have been reviewed by City staff. Minimum requirements have been provided to allow for substantive staff review and processing of these applications to commence.

Wed May 27, 2015

Staff is reviewing all applications for completeness.

Tue Mar 31, 2015

Eight Development Review Permits, a Reduced Parking Permit, and Development Agreement Applications Filed

Thu Feb 05, 2015

PSJHC South Campus Master Plan Application filed

City Contact

Roxanne Tanemori AICP, Principal Planner

(310) 458-8341


Providence Saint John's Health Center

2121 Santa Monica Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90404

Project Contact

Paula Larmore @ Harding Larmore Kutcher & Kozal, LLP - Project Representative


1250 Sixth Street, Suite 200 Santa Monica, CA 90401

Case Number(s)

  • 15ENT-0068 (South Campus Master Plan)
  • 15ENT-0203 (DR Permit 2207 Broadway)
  • 15ENT-0204 (DR Permit 1440 21 St)
  • 15ENT-0205 (DR Permit 2032 Santa Monica Blvd)
  • 15ENT-0206 (DR Permit 2200 Santa Monica Blvd)
  • 15ENT-0207 (DR Permit 1339 20th St)
  • 15ENT-0208 (DR Permit 2201 Broadway)
  • 15ENT-0209 DR Permit 2201 Broadway)
  • 15ENT-0210 (2121 Santa Monica Blvd)
  • 15ENT-0211 (Reduced Parking Permit)
  • 15ENT-0212 (Development Agreement Amendment)
  • 18ENT-0307 (Amendment to Hospital Area Specific Plan)
  • 19ENT-0206 (Vesting Tentative Map to reconfigure parcels)

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2121 Santa Monica Boulevard



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