1133 Ocean Ave Development Agreement - Miramar Hotel Project

Filed: 4/27/2011

Updated July 23, 2018:

The presentation from the July 19, 2018 Environmental Impact Report Scoping Meeting for the Miramar Hotel Project is posted below as PDF file under "Materials". 

Updated June 29, 2018: 

A Recirculated Notice of Preparation and Notice of Scoping Meeting for the Miramar Hotel Project Environmental Impact Report is available. Please see the "Environmental Report" page for more information about the Notice of Preparation and the Scoping Meeting scheduled for July 19, 2018 from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Ken Edwards Center. (Please see the link located on the right-hand column of this project page.)


Updated April 2018:

Redevelopment of Miramar Hotel site (“Miramar Hotel Project”) with mixed-use hotel with up to 312 guest rooms; food and beverage facilities; retail; spa/fitness; meeting/event facilities; market-rate condominiums; affordable housing at 1127-1129 2nd Street parcel directly across the street; subterranean parking; and new ground level open space areas (52% of site area) including around the Landmark Moreton Bay Fig Tree, along Ocean Avenue, and at the Ocean Avenue/Wilshire Boulevard corner.

A Development Agreement application was originally submitted by Ocean Avenue, LLC in April 2011. The Planning Commission discussed the original project concept for a new mixed-use hotel in February 2012 and the City Council held a Float-Up discussion and gave authorization to proceed with project and environmental review and negotiations in April 2012.  The Applicant submitted a revised project design in February 2013 that modified the original proposal to include a central tower with a maximum building height of 262’ and 21 stories. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Scoping Meeting was held in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in May 2013. 

Per Council’s direction, City review of the earlier-proposed design was put on hold pending completion of the Downtown Community Plan, which was adopted the Council in August 2017.  Now that the Downtown Community Plan (DCP) has been enacted, this revised proposal has been submitted in compliance with the standards for seeking discretionary approval for a project on this 4.5-acre site, one of the three Established Large Sites identified in the DCP.

The revised project submitted in April 2018 consists of the following components: a new 312-room hotel with food/beverage, meeting/event facilities, spa/fitness, and retail space to replace the current 301-room hotel; up to 60 market-rate condominium units; 100% affordable housing project on Second Street parcel with the number of affordable rental units not less than 50% of the number of market-rate condominium units; approximately 52% open space at the ground level; and subterranean parking for approximately 428 vehicles.

The revised project includes retention and rehabilitation of the City-designated Landmark Palisades Building constructed in 1924 and protection of the Landmark Moreton Bay Fig Tree planted on the property circa 1899.  The proposed maximum building height is 10-stories and 130 feet at the central tower with lower varying building heights at other portions of the site. The proposed project would be approximately 502,157 total SF of Floor Area (239,873 SF of Floor Area net-new on site). The Floor Area Ratio of developed space to size of the site is approximately 2.6. 


Miramar (1) 2018 Miramar (2) 2018 Miramar (4) 2018 Miramar (3) 2018


Project Details

Building Specifications

10 stories (130')

502,157 sq. ft. total

Residential Units

90 total units (60 at market rate)

30 affordable housing units

Community Meetings

Thu Jun 30, 2011, 7:00 PM

Miramar Hotel - 1133 Ocean Avenue

Public Hearings

Tue Apr 24, 2012

City Council - Float-Up

Wed Feb 22, 2012

Planning Commission - Float-Up Continuation

Wed Feb 08, 2012

Planning Commission - Float-Up

Status Updates

Mon Apr 15, 2019

Courtesy Project Update at Architectural Review Board Meeting 7pm

Mon Mar 11, 2019

Courtesy Project Update at Landmarks Commission Meeting 7pm

Thu Jul 19, 2018

EIR Scoping Meeting 6:00pm-7:30pm @ Ken Edwards Center

Wed Apr 11, 2018

Revised Project Design Submitted

Thu May 16, 2013

EIR Scoping Meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm @ Main Library in the Multipurpose Room

Mon Feb 25, 2013

Updated project description and plans submitted; Applicant's community outreach in progress.

City Contact

Roxanne Tanemori AICP, Principal Planner

(310) 458-8341


Ocean Avenue, LLC

100 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1700 Santa Monica, CA 90401

Project Contact

Dustin Peterson, The Athens Group - Owners' Respresentative

(310) 899-4184

101 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 101 Santa Monica , CA 90401

Case Number(s)

  • 11DEV-003

Site Address

1133 Ocean Ave



LEED Certification Sought


Environmental Report

Miramar Hotel Project EIR Information Page



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