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Parklets Grand Opening: June 25, 2017!


Please come join us, but remember your parklets Do's and Don'ts.


Please DO be considerate that the parklet is for public use:
• Be kind and respectful of your neighbors
• Make space for others
• Enjoy each other’s company


Please DO enjoy and keep the parklet clean
• Grab a seat or stand at the counters
• Have a snack
• Clean up after yourself
• Remember to take your things with you


Please DON’T participate in illegal activity in public spaces
• Litter
• Smoke or consume alcohol


Please DON’T participate in dangerous behavior
• Climb the fencing around the parklet


On November 24, 2015, Council selected three parklet locations and operators for the Main Street Parklets Pilot Program:

  • Finn McCool’s @ 2702 Main Street
  • Ashland Hill @ 2807 Main Street
  • Holy Guacamole @ 2906 Main Street

To review the staff report, click HERE.

If you have questions or comments about the Pilot Program, please email Russell Bunim, Associate Planner in the Planning and Community Development at


The one-year pilot is intended to be a public experiment with the Main Street community to temporarily test this new concept in the public realm.

The Parklet Pilot Program is part of the City of Santa Monica’s overall vision, as outlined in the Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) for creating pedestrian friendly routes and pedestrian amenities. The LUCE reorients the City’s auto-oriented boulevards into inviting avenues with wider sidewalks, improved transit, distinctive architecture, landscaping, trees and planted medians, and neighborhood-friendly services; these changes will define a new sense of place that will attract local residents to shop, work, live, and play.

The design and construction of the Parklet was funded by the City.  The City provided a basic design (i.e. “shell”) that the Parklet Operators may enhance with furniture, plants, art, and/or paint. 

After the one-year pilot of Parklets on Main Street, staff will prepare a staff report and evaluation with the results of the pilot and present it to City Council to discuss the future of Parklets in the City of Santa Monica.



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