Simplified Plan Check Process for Soft-Story Seismic Retrofits 

The Building & Safety Division has implemented a simplified plan review process for soft-story seismic retrofit building permit applications. The new Soft-Story Seismic Retrofit application packet includes a set of pre-screening questions that may remove the need for plan review by the City Planning and/or Mobility Divisions for many projects. Simply complete the contents of the application packet and submit to the City's Electronic Plan Review system along with plans and other associated documents. 

For tenant-occupied residential properties, a simplified Soft-Story specific Means & Methods form is also provided with the new application to replace the standard long form Means & Methods Plan. Soft-story retrofit applicants are only required to sign the Soft-Story Means & Methods form 1) acknowledging and understanding the tenant protections during construction and tenant relocation requirements mandated by the Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC), and 2) agreeing to abide by these and all other applicable requirements of the SMMC. 

For further information regarding the details of the application process for soft-story seismic retrofits, or other questions related to the City’s Seismic Retrofit Program, please call 310-458-8355, visit or email