San Vicente Boulevard Courtyard Apartments Historic District


The San Vicente Boulevard Courtyard Apartments was designated a Historic District of the City of Santa Monica on December 15, 2015. Here are the boundaries of the District: 


San Vicente Historic District Boundaries 2


Modifications to any property within the District have been reviewed in accordance with the Certificate of Appropriateness (C of A) process. The C of A process requires most modifications to be reviewed by the full Landmarks Commission.


City Planning staff has been drafting an ordinance that would provide additional clarity and predictability for the community and property owners. These standards would clarify what would qualify for a C of A, and identify certain maintenance and in-kind activities to contributing structures, and certain minimal work to non-contributing structures for administrative approval.


The next step is for the Landmark Commission Subcommittee to meet with staff to review the draft. The meeting is anticipated for July or August. After input from the Subcommittee, the draft ordinance will be reviewed by the full Landmarks Commission in late 2018 or early 2019. The draft ordinance, including the Landmark Commission recommendations will be reviewed by the City Council by Spring of 2019.


San Vicente Historic District Example