Interim Demolition Review Process for Buildings Over 40 Years Old

On July 14, 2020, City Council authorized updates to the demolition permit review process for structures over 40 years old consistent with restructuring of the City's historic preservation program included in Council's adoption of the FY2020-21 budget. The Landmarks Commission will not be conducting preliminary review of demolition permits, but any person may still file an application to designate a building or structure as a City Landmark or Structure of Merit. Public posting of the demolition list will occur monthly and be posted on the Landmarks Commission website

The revised process will apply to any demolition permit application filed after March 13, 2020. The City Council staff report providing the full background is available here. This interim process is recommended to be in place until November 2021 providing opportunity to monitor and evaluate how the interim review process is meeting objectives. The below flowchart graphically shows the revised process. 



Demo Process 7.15.20