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Farewell to Breeze Bike Share 

Breeze Bike Share has been a valued feature of Santa Monica’s mobility system for the last five years and demonstrated that shared mobility works in Santa Monica. The program has served over 149,000 riders who have ridden nearly 1 million trips, and highlighted the importance of bicycling in our community. The system paved the way for how shared mobility could operate by instituting innovative smart bikes that gave users convenience, flexibility, and reliability.  

That is why we are sad to say that Breeze Bike Share operations ended on November 11, 2020. With considerable new financial constraints caused by COVID-19, and because the bike share equipment is approaching the end of its useful life, the City is no longer able to own and operate the system.  

The City appreciates the collective community effort it took to launch the system and wants to thank the thousands of Breeze members that have supported the system over the years, the system operator Cyclehop, LA Metro and the Air quality Management District who paid for the purchase of the bikes and equipment, and a generous title sponsorship from Hulu that helped cover the cost of operations.     

The bike share equipment has been donated to the City of Long Beach to be refurbished and repurposed as a part of the Long Beach Bike Share system. The Breeze Bike Share stations will be repurposed as additional shared mobility drop zones. Annual members who have renewed their membership in the last year may be entitled to a prorated refund. Beverly Hills Bike Share members’ subscriptions will remain intact, and they will still have access to the Beverly Hills Bike Share system. 

For more information about the Breeze Bike Share system or your account contact Breeze customer service at (310) 828-2525, or contact Kyle Kozar, Senior Transportation Planner/ Bike Program Coordinator, at or (310) 458-8341.

Other Bike Share Options

In October 2020 Lyft launched shared electric pedal assist bikes in Santa Monica as part of the Shared Mobility Pilot Program. Lyft’s 500 e-bike fleet can be found at the former Breeze Bike Share Stations throughout town. For more information on how to sign up for the Lyft e-bikes and payment plan options you can download the Lyft mobile app or contact Lyft customer service at (877) 452-6699. 

Thank you!

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