Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan (LiNC)


Northern GatewayWhat is the Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan?

The Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan (The "LiNC") was adopted in April 2017.  It is a streetscape plan that provides a range of short- and long-term enhancements to the public right of way on Lincoln Boulevard between the I-10 Freeway and the City limits at Ozone Avenue. Utilizing a strategy that balances tactical urbanism and the desire for “Pop-Up Placemaking” (such as the recently installed Utility Box Artwork) the plan also includes a $5.5M investment in Lincoln with new medians and crosswalks, lighting and landscaping.  Construction will begin in winter 2020.  


The Plan also incorporates a layer of policy and program level recommendations for creating a more functional, aesthetically pleasing pedestrian experience that is supported and/or managed by the local business community and property owners.  Work is currently underway to evaluate the possibility of establishing a Business Improvement District on Lincoln.


Why Now?

Interest in the reimagining of Lincoln Boulevard was stimulated by the relinquishment of the boulevard to the City of Santa Monica from Caltrans in 2012.  The transfer of title to Santa Monica resulted in a street resurfacing project in 2013 that sought to improve operations and improve future transit efficiency by modifying right-of-way striping to accommodate potential dedicated bus lanes.  Pedestrian connectivity was also addressed by cleaning up several crosswalk markings and providing appropriate signage. The resurfacing project improved the visual condition of Lincoln Boulevard, but left more substantive streetscape improvements, policy recommendations and other enhancements to the Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan.

What is in the Works?

The Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan process resulted in a concept design that weaves together phased physical design improvements to the streetscape and right-of-way with policy and program level recommendations for balancing vehicle flow and demand.  A commute hour dedicated bus lane was implemented as part of this vision in fall 2017.

Envisioned to be a mixed-mode and livable street environment for pedestrians, transit and vehicles, the ability for bicycles to coexist with other modes on this busy boulevard has also been explored.  As funding allows, portions of the Plan will be implemented incrementally to create a high quality streetscape and pedestrian environment that removes existing barriers, expands accessibility, increases pedestrian comfort, and improves public health among all non-motorized travelers.

Cross SectionProject Goals and Objectives

Over the past 10 years, outreach and planning efforts have informed the goals for the Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan.  Starting with the development of the LUCE, the vision for Lincoln Boulevard’s future was developed by the thousands of people who participated in that process. More recent efforts from local interests groups such as the multi-neighborhood Lincoln Boulevard Taskforce, has brought more specificity to the scope and character of changes to be considered in this project.  Through a variety of interactive exercises and facilitated discussions at public outreach events, the following goals and objectives have been framed to guide the development of the streetscape, transit and business improvement concepts.

Streetscape Goals

  1. Reduce Barriers to Pedestrian Access and Comfort: reduce or eliminate conflicts between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Increase the number of crossings to promote pedestrian and bicycle movements across the boulevard and into the neighborhoods.  Improve sidewalks with amenities that would encourage more walking.
  2. Improve Connections to Destinations: ameliorate congested and unsightly points of interchange, and improve wayfinding and legibility to key destinations like Santa Monica High School, the Beach and Downtown.
  3. Improve and Diversify Landscaping and Tree Canopy: complement existing tree inventory with new trees that offer biodiversity and visual interest. Enhance parkway landscaping and optimize opportunities for stormwater infiltration and capture.

Transportation Network Goals

  1. Maintain and Improve Vehicle Flow: maintain and improve vehicle flow for the 40,000-50,000 motorists who use Lincoln Blvd. as a primary north/south commuting corridor. Limit potential for cut-through traffic.
  2. Enhance Transit Ridership and Efficiency: pursue strategies, including peak hour dedicated bus lanes, to increase Big Blue Bus ridership, as well as corridor travel times for transit users.

Business Improvement Goals

  1. Enhance Land Use Offerings Serving Daily Needs: maintain and attract pedestrian-oriented uses such as restaurants, cafes, markets and neighborhood services. Support existing auto-oriented uses that provide valuable services to our community.
  2. Support Façade Maintenance and Public Realm Improvements: provide guidance for the adaptive reuse and repurposing of aging buildings. Assist with public realm concepts that appeal to pedestrians and help improve curb appeal.
  3. Help Create a Cohesive Business Community: assist in the formation of a formal or informal merchant association, and demonstrate benefit of coordinated marketing campaigns, events, advocacy groups, that support the Lincoln Boulevard businesses.

LiNC Poster

Workshops & Milestones

Tue Mar 26, 2019

City Council Approval of PBAD Management Plan

City Council conceptually approved the PBAD Draft Management Plan, and affirmed support to pay for the general benefits associated with the PBAD($7,000 to $11,000, annually).

Mon Jan 28, 2019

Project Update Workshop

On January 28th 2019, the project team presented an update on the LiNC. The team outlined the construction plans and expected construction phasing. Additionally, the team presented an update on the ongoing business improvement district formation process.

Tue Apr 25, 2017

City Council Approves Streetscape Plan

On April 25th, 2017 the LiNC streetscape was adopted by City Council. Work is now underway to create construction documents for implementation.

Wed Feb 15, 2017

Planning Commission Review of Final Streetscape Plan

On February 15, 2017 the Planning Commission recommended that the City Council approve the final streetscape plans for Lincoln Boulevard.

Wed Sep 02, 2015

Planning Commission Review of the LiNC

The Planning Commission reviewed the preliminary materials for the LiNC plan and provided comments and direction to advance the project forward.

Thu Aug 06, 2015

Workshop #2 Narrows the Focus

At the second LiNC workshop approximately 80 people filled the John Muir/SMASH auditorium to review the evolution of concepts for streetscape, transportation network enhancements and business improvements. A lively discussion on tradeoffs centered around the length and location of center landscaped medians resulted in a community preference for longer, more abundant medians that may restrict certain turning movements on select low-volume streets.

Mon Feb 23, 2015

Workshop #1 a Success!

Over 75 people attended the February 23rd LiNC workshop at John Muir/SMASH. Residents and members of the business community reviewed over 30 streetscape, transportation and business improvement concepts to establish preferences for moving forward.


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