R1 Interim Zoning Ordinance

On February 13, 2018, the Santa Monica City Council adopted an interim ordinance that temporarily reduces the size of new construction in R1 single-unit residential zoning districts pending the completion of a comprehensive review of R1 zoning standards.  The interim ordinance comes on the heels of Council’s January 9, 2018 direction to prioritize a comprehensive review of R1 development standards.  Although the ordinance does not take effect until March 16, 2018, the changes are retroactive and will apply to any project in the R1 zone submitted after February 23, 2018.  You can look up the zoning for your home on the interactive zoning map to determine whether this ordinance applies to you. 


Interim R1 Zoning Standards as extended by the City Council on March 27, 2018:


    R1 Development Standard     Zoning Ordinance          Interim Zoning Ordinance     
    Maximum Building Height28' - 35'28'
    Maximum Parcel Coverage
         First Story
         Second Story     
61% (total)
35% (first story)
26% (second story)
50% (total)
30% (first story)
20% (second story)
    Upper Level StepbackApplies above 14' in heightApplies to entire second story
    Second Floor Decks/Balconies     400 SF aggregate
(North of Montana only. No
limits in other R1 districts
400 SF aggregate
(All R1 districts)
    Accessory Dwelling UnitCounts towards parcel coverage calculationsDoes not count towards parcel coverage calculations


    *Ground floor parcel coverage may be increased to a maximum of 50% if an equivalent amount is reduced on the second floor.


The interim ordinance may be extended for a period up to five years pending adoption of permanent revised standards. The comprehensive review process is anticipated to begin in the first part of 2019 and will involve a significant public engagement process to identify the appropriate scale of new construction and additions in R1 neighborhoods.  


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If you have any questions, please contact any planner at the City Planning Division at (310) 458-8341 or planning@smgov.net.


Tony Kim, Principal Planner

(310) 458-8341





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