Pedestrian Action Plan

Ped Action Plan


Following extensive public input and assessment, the Pedestrian Action Plan was adopted by City Council on February 23, 2016. Once published, the final draft will be posted online. The Plan is a comprehensive policy document that expresses a community vision for overall pedestrian well-being, creates policy to enhance the walking environment, and identifies a coordinated set of practices, programs, and projects that will improve conditions for walking over the next 15 years. The plan introduces a vision zero program targeted towards eliminating pedestrian fatalities and reducing the severity of collisions, a directive of the mayors challenge for safer people, safer streets.

Encouraging walking and the safety of pedestrians is important to everyone. That’s why Santa Monica created an action plan to identify and prioritize investments in facilities and programs that support people walking. As a complement to the plan, a Pedestrian Design Toolkit was created to assist in the selection and design of pedestrian facilities.

As the most popular form of recreation, and the foundation of our transportation system, the Pedestrian Action Plan will complement the 2010 Land Use and Circulation Element, Open Space Element and Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

Public input was collected throughout Santa Monica using surveys, phone, by email and at public events. The ideas and concerns that emerged through these efforts have formed the basis for the City's first Pedestrian Action Plan

Workshops & Milestones

Tue Feb 23, 2016

City Council Adopts Pedestrian Action Plan

Mon Sep 22, 2014

Community Open House

Mon Jan 28, 2013

Workshop #1


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