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The Local Coastal Program (LCP) of the City of Santa Monica has been formulated to implement, at the local level, the California Coastal Act of 1976. Through the Coastal Act, the State acknowledged the importance of the California coast as a regional and statewide resource and established policies to ensure that the State's interests are given proper consideration in the development of the coast.

Despite the statewide importance of coastal resources, the Coastal Act recognizes the need to rely on local government and local land use planning "to achieve maximum responsiveness to local conditions, accountability, and public accessibility." Therefore, the Coastal Act directs each local government, which has territory which lies in the Coastal Zone, to prepare a LCP for its portion of the Coastal Zone.

The Local Coastal Program (LCP) has two components, the Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Implementation Plan. The LUP contains a description of the conditions and issues which exist in Santa Monica's Coastal Zone and presents land use and development policies designed to fulfill the intent of the Coastal Act. Should conflicts arise between the LUP and other local planning documents, such as the General Plan, the policies and regulations of the LCP shall take precedence within the Coastal Zone.

In the current Land Use Plan for Santa Monica was certified by the Coastal Commission in 1992. The Coastal Commission has not certified an Implementation Plan for Santa Monica.

In 2015, the City began the process of preparing an updated Local Coastal Plan to reflect the current conditions and primary policy objectives of Santa Monica. To learn more about this project, please click here.



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