Safety Element

In compliance with California State law, the City of Santa Monica has adopted a Safety Element to the General Plan. The Safety Element address a variety of natural and human-related hazards, and contains goals and policies aimed at reducing the risk associated with these hazards.

The Safety Element serves the following functions:

  • Provides an assessment of hazards in the City, including but not limited to, earthquakes, landslides, subsidence/settlement, inundation, fire, and release of hazardous materials;
  • Provides a framework by which safety considerations are introduced into the land use planning process;
  • Recommends amendments to the City Municipal Code, and the project review and permitting process, by facilitating the identification and mitigation of hazards for new development;
  • Provides policies directed at identifying and reducing hazards in existing development; and
  • Strengthens earthquake, inundation, fire and hazardous materials preparedness planning and post-disaster reconstruction policies particular to the City of Santa Monica.

The most recent update to the Safety Element was adopted in January 1995.




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