Civic Center Specific Plan

Prompted by its purchase of 11.3 acres of former RAND property across from City Hall, the City of Santa Monica adopted a comprehensive update to the Santa Monica Civic Center Specific Plan (CCSP) in 2005. The CCSP was amended in June, 2011 to reflect a circulation change and adjust the requirements for the Early Childhood Education Center, a joint project of the City and Santa Monica College, which will be under construction in 2017-2018, providing a teaching facility that provides childcare to more than 100 children.  The most recent CCSP Update was adopted by Council in January 2017 to move the location of the City Services Building to the rear of City Hall.  The City Services Building is anticipated to begin construction by 2018.

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Workshops & Milestones

Tue Jan 24, 2017

City Council Meeting

The City Council amended the Civic Center Specific Plan to move the location for the City Services Building to the rear of City Hall and allow for a maximum of 55,000 square feet of floor area for this use.

Tue Jun 14, 2011

City Council Meeting

City Council meeting - Amendment to the Civic Center Plan in regard to the Main Street Traffic Circle and Early Childhood Center, and authorization of fee transfers related to the RAND development agreement

Sun Oct 31, 2004

Final Environmental Impact Statement Published

Mon Oct 29, 2001

The Civic Center Working Group developed a consensus direction regarding the Land Use Plan for the Civic Center area, as well as a series of related recommendations.

Tue Oct 16, 2001

On October 14th and 16th the Working Group hosted a community workshop to review and solicit public input on the evaluation and recommendations for the Civic Center Specific Plan.

Sun Jul 01, 2001

Community Planning Day

Mon May 21, 2001

Workshop #5: Infrastructure and Transportation

Mon May 14, 2001

Workshop #4: Civic Cultural and Child Care

Thu May 10, 2001

Workshop #3: Housing

Mon Apr 23, 2001

Workshop #2: Recreation and Open Space

Mon Apr 02, 2001

Workshop #1: Project Overview




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