Bayside District Specific Plan

The Third Street Mall Specific Plan was originally adopted in 1986 to provide a framework of strategies to revitalize Santa Monica's downtown pedestrian mall and surrounding peripheral areas. Included in this plan were policies geared toward enhancing the area's economic activity through the encouragement of specified land uses as well as physical improvements to be implemented by the City in concert with the Third Street Development Corporation (TSDC) and private sector developers. The policies and recommended actions were intended to reverse the pattern of decline, deterioration, and disinvestment which had characterized Santa Monica's downtown core area since the 1960s.

The Specific Plan successfully achieved many of the initial goals to improve the physical character of the downtown area and create an active pedestrian environment during both daytime and nighttime hours. As a result of the growth that occurred since the adoption of the original Third Street Mall Specific Plan, the City Council determined that the Plan should undergo a revision to provide goals for the future.

In particular, goals and policies were redirected to emphasize:

  • enhancement of the existing activity level in the 1300 and 1400 blocks of the;
  • continue the revitalization of the 1200 block of the Promenade;
  • and encouraging uses that will generate pedestrian activity on Second and Fourth streets as well as the cross streets of Wilshire Boulevard, Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica boulevard, and Broadway.




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