4th Street Pedestrian and Bicyclist Improvements Project


The City's Downtown Community Plan emphasizes the need to adequately serve riders who will benefit from direct, clear, and improved routes to and from the Expo terminus station at 4th Street and Colorado Avenue. The 4th Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project is a phased, grant-funded implementation effort for enhanced north-south pedestrian and bicycling connections along 4th Street between Broadway and Olympic Drive. Phases I and II are funded through a combination of Active Transportation Program (ATP) state funds and local matching funds. 

Phase I (Completed June 2017) - 

Improved east side of 4th Street between Broadway and Colorado Avenue to strengthen pedestrian connectivity between the Expo terminus station, Colorado Esplanade, and Downtown. Phase I improvements include:

  • New pedestrian-scale lighting and pavement etchings that also serve as wayfinding,
  • Replacement of poorly performing trees with high-quality shade trees, 
  • Grates over tree wells to improve pedestrian access and comfort, and
  • Additional bike sharrow striping between Broadway and Olympic Drive. 

Phase II (In Progress) - 

Phase II will extend Phase I pedestrian and bicyclist improvements south of the Expo terminus station between Colorado Avenue and Olympic Drive, including the Caltrans bridge structure over the I-10 Freeway. Currently in design, Phase II proposed improvements include: 

  • Pedestrian-scale lighting to enhance visibility and increase safety,
  • Trees to improve pedestrian comfort and reinforce wayfinding,
  • Enhanced freeway screening to buffer pedestrians from freeway noise,
  • Tightened curb radii to reduce vehicle turning speeds and improve safety,
  • New north-leg crosswalk, advance stop-bars, and bike boxes at 4th/Olympic intersection,
  • Widened sidewalk at the northeast corner of 4th/Olympic, and
  • Enhanced crosswalk markings.


Workshops & Milestones

Wed Jul 24, 2019

Urban Forest Task Force Meeting

Urban Forest Task Force approved 5 Crepe Myrtles in the median along 4th Street and 1 Palm at the northeast corner of 4th Street/Olympic Drive.

Tue May 08, 2018

Council Meeting

Award Design Contract (Phase II)

Tue Jan 26, 2016

Council Meeting

Accept Grant (Phase II)

Tue Dec 08, 2015

Council Meeting

Award Construction Contract (Phase I)

Tue Jul 28, 2015

Council Meeting

Accept Grant (Phase I)



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