4th Street Pedestrian and Bicyclist Improvements Project


This phased project includes grant and local match funds for walking and biking enhancements in the 4th Street right-of-way between Broadway (Phase I) and Olympic Drive, including the 4th Street and Olympic Drive intersection, and is designed to serve the increased number of pedestrians and bicyclists who will be using 4th Street north and south of the Downtown Expo terminus station.

Phase I - Implements pedestrian improvements along the east side of 4th Street north of Colorado Avenue to strengthen pedestrian connectivity between the Expo terminus station, Colorado Esplanade, and Downtown; the project provides additional pedestrian lighting that also serve as wayfinding, replaces poorly performing trees to support better quality trees with more luxuriant shade, and installs grates over tree wells to improve pedestrian access and comfort. Phase I of the project further provides additional bike sharrow striping on 4th Street from Broadway to Olympic Drive to connect to bike facilities at the Expo station, Broadway bike lanes, Colorado Esplanade cycle track, future Santa Monica High School bike lanes on Olympic Drive, and future Civic Center bike path.

Phase II - Will extend Phase I pedestrian and bicyclist improvements to both sides of 4th Street between and including Colorado Avenue and Olympic Drive via a Caltrans bridge structure over the I-10 Freeway. Phase II of the project proposes to improve pedestrian and bicyclist linkages on this 0.2-mile segment of busy roadway for people walking, biking, and driving, with the goal of safer first- and last-mile access and connectivity to the Expo terminus station, central business district, Civic Center, and other local destinations.



Phase I -
Above ground lighting to be installed before Thanksgiving.
Underground lighting and decorative tree grates to be installed January 9, 2017 after the holidays.

Phase II -
In the process of requesting funding allocation for the Project Approval and Environmental Document phase.

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